Over 2,000 Jamaican employed for production of ‘Bob Marley: One Love’ movie

In a pre-screening speech at Carib 5 for the Jamaican premiere of Bob Marley: One Love, Brian Robbins, CEO of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon, announced that over 2,000 Jamaicans were directly employed in the cast and production of the movie. He noted, “Everyone at Paramount is so honored to have worked alongside the Marley family to bring this story of Bob’s message of love, peace, and unity to the big screen. We are very proud.”

“We truly could not have done this film without the people of Jamaica. In front of and behind the camera, we were able to employ over 400 Jamaican cast and crew, and more than 1,800 background actors to deliver 25 days of filming on the island,” he continued.

In addition to the production of this major motion picture, which was shot on location in Jamaica and the U.K., Paramount has also made significant investments outside of filming Bob Marley: One Love in Trench Town, Jamaica, the backdrop of Bob’s childhood. “Our partnership with the people of Kingston has resulted in some of our significant local investment ever, centered in the Trench Town community that so graciously welcomed us. This included the construction of an outdoor learning pavilion and security booths at the Trench Town Primary school,” said Robbins.

“Bob Marley: One Love,” directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and starring British actors Kingsley Ben-Adir as Bob Marley and Lashana Lynch as Rita Marley, hits theaters worldwide on February 14, 2024. Get tickets today at OneLoveMovie.com.

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