To symbolize “Peace”, Bob Marley gathered the leaders of the rival political parties in Jamaica on stage within his “One Love Peace Concert”.

April 22, 2020

When Bob lifted the hands of “Michael Manley (PNP)” and “Edward Seaga (JLP)” who were the leaders from opposite political parties in Jamaica, the “One Love Peace Concert” came to its peak:

On this day in 1978, Bob brought together the leaders of the rival political parties in Jamaica – Michael Manley of the democratic socialist People’s National Party (PNP), and Edward Seaga of the conservative Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) – on stage during the One Love Peace Concert.

The concert, which took place at the National Stadium in Kingston, marked Bob’s triumphant return to Jamaica after a 14-month self-imposed exile following an assassination attempt on his life just before the Smile Jamaica concert in December of 1976. During that time period, political violence had filled the city, to a point where the neighborhood gang leaders finally came together and began a process towards peace. Both sides decided, however, that only Bob’s return and a concert for the people could truly solidify their efforts and bring everyone together.

He agreed to come back and do the show, and in an unplanned gesture shown here on video, Bob brought the heads of each political party on stage together to join hands in Inity. It was a highly symbolic moment that showed the people if these two politicians who everyone had been fighting over could shake hands in peace, everyone on the island could come together. It was a truly historic moment not just for Jamaica, or for music, but for the world. And in recognition of its significance, that summer the U.N. held a special ceremony in New York City to honor Bob with the United Nations Peace Medal.

Watch the video Here

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