Rita Marley Foundation recognizes Asley ‘Grub’ Cooper of The Fab 5

February 20, 2017

The Fab 5 band member and musician Asley ‘Grub’ Cooper received recognition from the Rita Marley Foundation (RMF) for his outstanding contributions to the music industry. Presented to him by Stephen Marley at the RMF’s third annual Public Speaking Competition, ‘Grub’ was awarded a special plaque and a pin with the words ‘Master Blaster Musical Master’ inscribed on it. In accepting the award, Cooper described the recognition as “humbling” and a “privilege to work with the Marley family.”

Read Asley ‘Grub’ Cooper’s acceptance speech in full:

“Words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation. I am truly humbled. I hope this award will be an inspiration to musicians everywhere to keep grinding away and never give up. You never know what breakthrough may be waiting just around the corner. I promise to continue to be a musician of excellence, worthy of the award,” Cooper said.

Cooper then went on to thank the Marley family. He recalled working closely with several of its members, including Rita Marley, and said that despite their fame, they have never forgotten their roots.

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to work with the Marley family, and it gave me great opportunity to expose my art and brought me to the attention of many globally recognized artistes with whom I had the pleasure to work,” he said.

“Everyone should know that despite the Marleys’ fame and success, they have not forgotten their roots and remain anchored and approachable, always remembering where they came from and who took part in their journey.”

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