#Marley70 blog, Ep. 1: The Gong in Gabon, 1980

January 6, 2015

In celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Earthstrong this February, we’ve just released the first episode of what will eventually become a full year’s worth of stories surrounding the life and legacy of the Legend: read more….

Working with help of our esteemed Marley super-fans Dubwise Garage (music), Midnight Raver Blog (storytelling), Manu Morales (photos) and our very own Neville Garrick (audio podcasting), each month we’ll highlight a different event – or series of events – that happened during that month in Bob’s life. Our goal is create enough content to add a new wing to the site for Marley fans around the world to explore the individual moments that made Bob the legend he is today.

In our first episode, we look back to January of 1980 when Bob and the band made their first performing appearance in their ancestral homeland of Africa. Invited by the royal family of Gabon after seeing them perform live in California during the ’79 Survival tour, Bob Marley and the Wailers played two concerts at the Gymnase Omnisport Bongo in the capital city of Libreville on January 4th and 6th of the new decade.

Beyond just performing in Africa for the first time, however, the story goes much further. Bob’s eyes are awakened to the true African struggle, and their then-manager Don Taylor is fired at the outset of the trip. It’s a tale filled with hope, realization, betrayal and personal growth; one that would become a major influence in the creation of Bob’s following and final studio release, Uprising (1980).

Click here to read the full story and join the journey….

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