Marley Family, High Roller Games partner to create Bob Marley: UNITY board game

December 3, 2020

Developed in collaboration with the Marley family, High Roller Games has announced the release of the first edition of “Bob Marley: The Game of Peace, Love and Unity.”

Pick up your copy of the game here.

“The Marley family supports humanitarian and environmental causes, so we decided that was the only way to go,” says Dave Phelps, game designer, High Roller Games.

In recognition of Bob Marley and his legacy of humanitarian contributions, HRG celebrates his 75th anniversary by producing an environmentally friendly board game that brings people together. Players can experience the life of Bob Marley by forming a band and performing at historical concerts while traveling the board on a world tour that spreads peace, love and unity.

“We are stoked to say it’s finally ready and on our website, right now,” High Roller Games CEO Derek Hodgins told Global News.

“Honestly, it was something that, really, we felt pulled to and we went after it,” Hodgins said about the creation of Bob Marley: The Game of Peace, Love and Unity.

As for the game, it’s very much straight-forward and is somewhat of a traditional board game.

“The game looks like Monopoly, but it’s actually fun,” said Hodgins. “There’s a good bit of depth to it and a good balance of strategy and luck.”

The game is produced with complete sustainability in mind. No plastic is involved and part of the proceeds go to One Tree Planted.

Watch the video below for a complete walkthrough of how to play the Bob Marley: UNITY game!

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