Go behind-the-scenes in the making of “Redemption Song” and the new visual animation it inspired

February 20, 2020

In this short ‘making of’ film by Errol Rainey, we explore the tale that led to the release of Bob’s classic anthem for freedom, “Redemption Song.” Featuring the voice of Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, viewers get a unique insight into how “Redemption Song” came to be, as you first heard it on the ‘Uprising’ album. And all the while, the film intersperses this story with clips from the making of the all new #BobMarley75 music video animation.

That music video, created by French artists Octave Marsal and Theo De Gueltzl, was beautifully and diligently crafted from 2,747 original handmade drawings cut together as photographs into a single animated journey that starts inside of Bob’s famous Ovation Adamas acoustic guitar and takes you around the world in breathtaking fashion.

Watch the behind-the-scenes film above, and be sure to check out the new “Redemption Song” music video here.

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