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Join us in sharing your love for Bob Marley, as we celebrate both his birth and his life! All you need to do is record a personal video greeting below to show your love. Just make sure the message is a positive vibration—soulful shout-outs, special stories, singing your favorite lyrics, paying homage, etc.. Also, please be sure to follow the directions below so that your greeting is properly entered for consideration. The submission period will last until Sunday, February 9 @ 11:59pm, after which point we’ll review them all, pick our favorites, and create one of the first socially-sourced tribute videos for Bob’s fans around the world to watch, share and enjoy!


Step 1: Record

Was it a special moment the first time you heard Bob Marley’s music? What’s your favorite song or album? How do YOU think Bob’s music has changed the world? We genuinely want to know, so tell us about it (in 22 seconds or less)! To record your greeting, feel free to use your own camera, your phone, or you can use this webcam recorder we’ve embedded below (please resist the temptation to use a filter though—we know you can do it!). If using the recorder below, after clicking the “Normal” option make sure the settings are set to: 30 seconds; Sound On (clicked); and Standard Quality. The rest we’re confident you can figure out on your own. 😉

Step 2: Trim/Compress/Convert

Once you have your video saved, you’ll need to convert it into an MP4 file that’s under 2.5MB. The embedded converter below should do the trick. And in case you’ve gone over the allotted time, it will also allow you to trim down the beginning or end (use the “Cut Video” feature to ensure the total length is 22 seconds or less — 00:00:22 equals 22 seconds). Elsewhere, make sure the size is set to 480×360 pixels, and the frame rate is set to 24 frames per second (you can leave the rest blank). With your settings inputed properly, click “Submit”. Once the video has fully uploaded, the converted file should automatically begin downloading to your default downloads folder. We promise, you’re almost there!

Step 3: Upload/Share/Watch

Now that your video is properly formatted and compressed, you’re ready to upload! Click “Add Video” in the top-right corner of the app below, and login/register with our official #BobMarleyWeek partner, Videoo (don’t worry, you won’t be automatically signed up for their newsletter). Once logged in, click the “Add Video” button again and upload your converted MP4 file. And… YOU’RE DONE!! After uploading, the app will automatically switch back to the video library where fans can watch your submission, and you can watch theirs!

It’s been a bit of journey we know, but thank you so much for taking the ride with us and sharing your love for Bob. We know it will all be worth it in the end…

Check back with us next week to see the fruits of your collective labor. 🙂

Bob Marley

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